20.10.2017 — “Looking for Trouble: Textless edition” now at 22 pages!

22.10.2017 — “Looking for Trouble: Textless edition” now at 22 pages!

20.10.2017 — “Looking for Trouble: Textless edition” now at 20 pages!

17.10.2017 — Added 10 pages to comic “Looking for Trouble: Textless edition”

10.10.2017 — Added Overwatch Hentai – Futa Mercy Fucks Widowmaker

8.10.2017 — Re:Zero Cumslut Maids page 5-8 added!

6.10.2017 — “Hentai Solitaire” project begins!!

3.10.2017 — New 2B pinup added!

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17.10.2017 — Hentai Solitaire Project – King

“Hentai Solitaire”; We are creating a classic 52 deck of playing cards. You can play your favorite card games with friends, while looking at anime boobs. The product will have a limited print run, that will test the waters for a larger scale commercial release. We are also making a downloadable collection of solo card games with the art you see.

The project is not crowdfunded! Help us by sharing the art with your friends, and consider visiting our sextoy store. There’s also free sex apps, and hentai games you can download in support!! 🙂