23.1.2018 — Sakura’s Prison Rape Project revived!!

Good news, everyone! Thanks to your degeneracy, rape culture is financially viable! Together, we are dragging hentai back to its roots, to explore themes of rape, torture, sexual abuse, and worse!

Years ago, I saw the direction the western world was headed. Everywhere I’ve hustled in the hentai scene, there’s rules to what you can and cannot masturbate to, rules to what you can, and cannot monetize. Because banning content people enjoy, is how the public morals are upheld, according to the control freaks in our governments. But as we’ve seen from the constant stream of shocking sexual scandals coming out of Hollywood, and the worlds of finance and politics, our rulers live by different rules. They ban things from us, while raping children in their basements.

We’re gonna push the limits of hentai. Bookmark otakusexart.com, and join us on our journey to hell!!

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