3.2.2018 — Plans to get popularity

I was once a popular hentai blogger on tumblr. It took me a year to research how to get traction on that platform. Once I cracked the model, I was gaining 1000 new followers a month. At my peak, I was gaining 200 new followers a day, just when my run was cut short. The blog was called otakusexart.tumblr.com.

Discovering functional models takes time. It’s lots of trial and error testing that brings eventual results. For this new blog, I am in that process of figuring out what kind of content we should produce to gain a big fanbase. The business model part is already figured out: My store makes the money.

Our business is very small. Currently we get barely 200 post views a day, though sometimes we’ve gotten up to 500 views. A small business has to focus their resources, hence we are going to focus on delivering high-quality content for small niche audiences.

On the 2D side, I want to focus on trap, and futa, with thicc milfy girls on the side. The 3D porn is also a thing, simply because I have Kia Azad, working on that. We will do 3D futa porn, and nice milfs. Could we do 3D traps? Should we do 3D traps? What about traditional family values? So many questions.

Please keep visiting, and don’t be afraid to comment!! 🙂

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