3.2.2018 — Slave Boys of Mars comic story plans

Slave Boys of Mars will be a monthly running “slice of life” comic.

The fetishes I want to explore with this series, are cum eating, anal sex, bukkake, group sex, body modification (imagine massive testicles, phat ass femboys, etc.), rape, autofellatio, mind break. Old school rape hentai anime tropes have never been gender-flipped as far as I know.

I have a simple story structure in mind for how the scenario will play out. It involves lots of sexual torture. The main characters are forced into sex machines, bondage orgies, prostituted to corporate CEOs, and other fun things. I want to do lots of sex scenes, with bare minimum story, until I have a better feeling for the characters. I’ll write more background story for the world when I need to fill plot holes.

I’ve historically been very bad at long-running plots. I get insanely autistic about changing things in past chapters when I get new ideas. To avoid that, I’m not even going to attempt to write a cohesive narrative. The chapters will be loosely connected, they’ll show snippets of the horrowing lives of the slave maids, as they struggle to please their masters. If I get frustrated with how things are developing, I’ll kill the character, and replace him. I’ll run like a poll every month, that asks if our fans want the characters to keep breathing.

It’s no picnic being a maid boy. Perfect your deepthroat technique, or die.

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