5.1.2018 — Aika and Sakaki naked!

Get your genitals warmed up! We’re starting a mini series of sexy stories featuring these lovely ladies! There will be images in each little chapter. If the artist sticks around to complete the art, his pictures will be the CGs for a commercial visual novel adaptation of the story! If you like this project, share with friends, and buy sextoys!! 😀

2.1.2017 — Aika and Sakaki 2D sprites!

I was undecided whether to use 3D art, or 2D art for one of our upcoming hentai visual novels. I wanted both! These are our original characters, that we’re gonna feature in all kinds of pinups, comics, and games. The blonde slut is named Aika, the brunette is Sakaki. Aika is a bad influence for her conservative girlfriend, who she’s grooming to become a total bisexual fuckslut who does threesomes, and worse. Ultra empowered, super strong and independent, they’ll soon be rocking welfare checks from the government to support their horde of children! Hurray for sexual liberation!