9.1.2018 — Hentai Solitaire Drafts – Slave and Fisherman

Whiny-ass communists always question, by what right does a company’s boss make the fattest salary, while the workers do all the work. Because management is a full-time job, the most important job. When I saw Jberserk’s draft for the slave girl (above), I told him, your art is sucking ass as of late. I said, watch some porn next time you draw. Alas, his next image (below) came out with massive tits, insane tit crack, and a flirty smile.

While the creative energies of the workers are spent on work and social life, the company CEOs are socially disconnected suicidal sociopaths, to whom money is compensation for a lifetime of suffering. Hence they sacrifice their unhappy life working endless hours behind the scenes, making sure the factory runs smoothly. Give me your fucking money.

I’m hiring a second colorist for this project. Fuck Crisisbeat.

9.1.2018 — Cumslut Sissy Maids Update

Oh yes. My cum-eating trap maid characters are getting their first ever comic, three years after I started writing “Boy Slaves of Mars”. Granted, every old chapter of the story is imperfect in every conceivable way… but the premise itself, is perfect for exploration of homosexual themes. I am writing many more juicy scenarios involving these lovely fucksluts, now that I have my business running smoothly… 🙂 The colorist of this 8-page manga has expressed their wish to remain anonymous.

The bitches are called Sally, and Molly. Sally is the pink-haired slut.

6.1.2018 — Our business model is the definition of awesome

The exciting thing about our business model, is that our revenue comes from passive sources. When people subscribe to the excellent free services we promote at hentaireviews.moe, and hentai-onahole.moe, we receive continuous sales commissions from those customers. We have no publishers, no investors telling us what we can, and cannot do. Even our advertisers are safe from legal, and brand damage – none of their logos are displayed on this website, nobody can be prosecuted for nothing. Only our server host could give us some trouble, if we start posting shit like bestiality and lolicon. Should that ever happen, we’ll switch our provider. There, fixed.

I started building an advertiser-based business model all the way back in 2015. It took three years of my life to get here.

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3.1.2018 — Hentai Solitaire card designs soon complete!

Jberserk is working on the final batch of commissions for our card game. When the art is fully finished, we’ll create a print version you can play with proxies. If you’re playing ie. Magic the Gathering, you can slip printed versions of our art in the card protectors. You just need 1) half a hundred Magic cards from a second-hand shop, 2) a pack of card protectors, 3) a laser printer.

Yes, our game will be virtually free! You don’t have to wait for us to get it in stores, you don’t have to order it from abroad. Make it yourself!! 🙂

29.12.2017 — Cumslut Sissy Maids Manga Project Update

Here’s two preview pages from our upcoming original gay-trap-sissy-themed hentai manga. We are adapting the linework from our “Re:Zero Cumslut Maids” into a gay version featuring my original characters. The artist is Deadphoenx, who’s been freelancing for me since late 2016.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned being an entrepreneur, is that patience is rewarded, and impatience is harshly punished. I’ve wanted to make juicy crossdressing manga and games for years. I’m very happy to finally find myself in my privileged position, being able to deliver this content to eager trap-loving hentai fappers.

If you want to support the production, please show what we’re doing to friends, and visit our humble sextoy/game store. 🙂