Upcoming Hentai Game Project: FLAPPY ONAHOLE!!

Omni Zula is the nickname of a code geek that hopped on board with us some months ago. He’s making our new flappy bird clone game!

This little project is a testing grounds for our partnership with Omni Zula. If we can manage to produce a stupidly simple game like this, we can start doing more ambitious things together.

Flappy Onahole is a simple project to promote my humble sextoy store.

Play the current build of Flappy Onahole!>

“Hentai Solitaire” Sexy Card Game Project – Ongoing

We’re creating a 52+ deck of classic playing cards. Just like the classic playing cards showcased a little bit of the medieval social hierarchy, with a king, a queen, and a soldier, we’re taking things a step further. Our cards feature girls in positions like the president, politician, doctor, policeman, merchant, and even slaves and homeless people.

Card designs by Jberserk, colors by Crisisbeat.

When art is completed, we will release a PC game with a collection of some popular single-player card games. We will also make a limited print run for sale, that will hopefully catch the interest of fantasy game stores. The card art will be available from this website, with instructions how to make your own pirate version of the playing cards.

Hentai Comics Projects – Always Hiring!

I commission hentai comics featuring characters from popular anime and videogames. The comics are always hardcore, to-the-point, featuring a range of extreme fetishes from bondage, to threesomes, to bodily fluids, and more. I am completely desensitized from working in this industry for so long, I have few limits to the themes I’m ready to explore. Because of the site’s peculiar business model, there’s nothing stopping me from monetizing the most hardcore sexual scenarios ever conceived. Get hype!!

Payment per page is $30 minimum. If you’re really good, $60, or more.

Email: otakuapologist@gmail.com

LGBT Hentai Pinups Project – Ongoing

I commission artists for hentai artwork featuring popular anime, and videogame characters. Lesbian sex is incredibly boring for me, but when you slip a dick to one of the girls… things get much more interesting! With two-character pinups, I don’t need to write a story to contextualize the fucking. People can use their own imaginations how these characters decided to get together for a fuck.

You can write your own stories inspired by the images on the my site. If you think your story is great, I can buy it from you, to feature it on my many websites. Just send an email at otakuapologist@gmail.com

3D Sex Kinetic Novel Project – Ongoing

A sexy kinetic novel for PC. The game features a virgin asian school girl, and her slutty friend. It’s a simple project, that tests our mettle in hentai game development. All the art will be available on this website. The developer is Kia Azad, one of my oldest business associates.

We’re hoping to sell this game on Nutaku, and Mangagamer.