9.2.2018 — Fairytail Hentai – Futa Lucy Fucks Erza Scarlet – Creampie

Erza acts a tough-ass alpha bitch in public. But inside, she is a sensitive woman with a biological need to be filled in every hole with thicc semen.

9.2.2018 — Lunartis Virgo — New Clothes

Luna’s clothes were ripped when she was raped by Sebastian. Now, the white witch is a sex slave to Ilyana, and an on-demand cock sleeve for Sebastian. These are the rags she’ll be fucked in next time.

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6.2.2018 — Hentai Solitaire Office Lady Draft

Exciting times. Our little card game is so close to completion, I’m feeling giddy. I don’t know why we made so many cards that weren’t sexier. I must’ve been dazed off with overwork. But while we still can, we’re making the rest of the cards as erotic as possible. Here’s the office lady, she’s sexually liberated as fuck, sexting at work, about to rock that clit in the privacy of her office.