21.1.2018 — Cumslut Sissy Maids Coloring Update

The gay traps are coming… are you ready to masturbate to cum-eating boy fucksluts dressed for depraved gay sex?? Textless edition will start getting published next week I hope, and dialog will be added sometime after the fact. Remember to shop for hentai games and sextoys, so we can keep making this stuff!! 🙂

17.1.2018 — Hentai Solitaire Yakuza Draft!

This gangsta babe marks a level-up of Jberserk’s artwork. She’s a female yakuza foot soldier. She’s tattooed, armed, and dangerous, loaded with cash, and a fat pair of tits. She breaks hearts and bones on a weekly basis. In bed, she gets so wild, she’s sent ex-boyfriends to the hospital with broken cocks.

Only 2 more card designs, and Jberserk is free to draw comics again!

14.1.2018 — Hentai Solitaire Update — Harvester Draft

We are two weeks away from completing all the card designs. This girl works the fields, to feed the people; we have a farmer girl for each of the four continents featured in the game.

The nude versions will take time. The quality control, will take time (we’re editing the worse-looking cards). Setting up relations with sales platforms, will take time. Developing the PC version, will take time. Printing the game… time. It annoys me that we can’t just bust this product out to customers. If we do, and it’s not good, it’ll just be quickly forgotten.

The game’s release will be a continuous effort. We’ll publish the card art, in the quality it’s now, while working towards a second release that’s higher quality, to be sold at retailers. We’ll start publishing nude versions of the art as well. There’s no solid plan. I’m winging everything as we go. 😉