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dark magician girl in interracial sexual harassment hell getting groped and slapped by black men

Dark Magician Girl is a naughty bitch.

Page 23 added!

Bulma and Android-18 pumped and dumped by black men.

Your mom caught you masturbating…

DVA and Mercy fucked.

Bowsette and Peach have a koopa orgy.

The story of a devoted wife.

The beginning of a saga…

Rosalina and Peach are banished to Yoshi’s island.

Finally it’s done! Holy fuck!

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The World’s Best Patriarchy Simulator!

Pick up girls and turn them into your porn whore cash cows! In this free hentai browser game, you’re a ruthless capitalist who uses slutty women for profit and pleasure. Grope them, slap them, utter sweet words of comfort after you’ve burned them, until they are so messed up from your push-and-pull tactics, they consent to becoming your porn model girlfriends!

In this amoral dating sim, you will build a humongous porn empire encompassing multiple businesses that grow even when you’re not playing! It’s a hybrid idle game with classic dating sim mechanics, basic business tycoon mechanics, and even a spy camera mini-game with unlockable scenes!

I first played Fake Lay in 2017 when it launched. Since then, the developer expanded the content a fuckton. The roster of girls and shit-to-do list is vast. There are no paywalls that I’ve found, it’s a dirty, seamless experience.

Read my full review at Hentaireviews, or go try the game at Erogames.