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pervywatch rebellion of the apes overwatch hentai comic with dva mercy winston group sex orgy

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Page 14 added. Writing dialog soon.

naruto anime manga daydreaming

Naruto Sex Education, project complete.

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Page 78 added.

naked girl comic cover parody humor comedy

Waifufactory’s new b/w comic rocks lesbian goodness!

nier automata 2b hentai manga gangbang orgy comic full color

2B is the perfect sex bot.

sexy anime girls with big boobs walk into a cave while talking

Busty babes ambushed. Page 13 added.

Hentaicommissions Guarantee of Delivery Explained

I won’t say we’ve succeeded at pleasing every client. Risk is an inescapable part of collaborative art. But, our track record in completing projects is phenomenal, thanks to our standardized process. I’m proud to say we satisfy you, our customers, when you guys respect our standardized process.

You get many WIPs before the final delivery, which you’re allowed to influence within reasonable limits. When your thoughts are clear on what you want and you articulate this well, your hentai media will come out stellar.

The guarantee of delivery is part of our no-refunds policy. Our commitment to completing your project within your budget is absolute. In very rare occasions, I’ve even spent my own funds to complete a project.

We map out a project carefully before assigning a price, so we never go under-budget again. The parameters of the project and the price get locked in, and that is our contract. Delivery is guaranteed from that moment on.

MHC Project Update: Efficient Fantasy Fuel

‘My Hero Cuckademia’ is our most ambitious comic project in terms of length (already 110+ pages of art produced), and this has pressured us to develop cost-efficient strategies to tell an erotic story in comic format. Once we have established the entire premise and the relationships of all the characters, which completes at page 113, we can begin telling stories in this world. For example, Ochaco’s social media updates about her sex life with her new boyfriend. Oh yes, you will be able to proverbially stalk her sweet phat ass.

I plan to have longer story sections within the comic that only have a faded page below the text. The larger plan is to create a fantasy world. All of our original projects are worlds where abundant sexual possibilities are believable, thanks to the layered creative choices done in setting up the premises. It’s indeed ambitious and we’ll see how it goes!

Slave Boys of Mars: The Sex Showers

Living in a mansion brothel for sex tourists, parties are common events, leaving many maid slaves in stained states after the guests have thoroughly emptied themselves. The slaves must take showers.

These showers serve several purposes other than clean-up. They have glass walls, allowing guests to see what goes inside the room. When a visitor posts a deposit, the maid slaves must put on a show. Everyone in the room at the time the deposit is posted is required to help each other get off. This isn’t so easy after a party, leading to long “dry” sessions.

The punishments for non-compliance with the mansion’s rules are harsh. No matter how tired and empty the servants may be, they must summon the enthusiasm and put on a show for onlookers. And after that ordeal, get dressed again for the next set of clients who paid for them.