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Bulma and Android-18 pumped and dumped by black men.

Your mom caught you masturbating…

Mina Ashido makes Deku into her cuckold boyfriend.

DVA and Mercy fucked.

Bowsette and Peach have a koopa orgy.

The story of a devoted wife.

The beginning of a saga…

Rosalina and Peach are banished to Yoshi’s island.

Finally it’s done! Holy fuck!

Princess Leia is captured by Jabba the Hutt.

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Lesbian Midnight’s Freudian Relationship With Deku

The psychological barriers that normally prevent a man from exploring his darker sexual side are broken down by the motherly Midnight. She was Deku’s support person after class 1-A was near-entirely wiped out. His friends dead, Deku confided in Midnight, but their relationship gradually developed a sexual dimension. As the son of a single mother, Deku has grown emotionally dependent on women, lacking a strong male role model who would nurture his masculine identity. Void of male virtue, he is unattractive to women for reasons he cannot understand, a situation further complicated by the weaning powers and declining health of his mentor and surrogate father, All-Might.

Deku’s relationship with Midnight has Freudian undertones. She is both sexually available and unavailable, due to her lesbianism. The pity handjobs Midnight gives him to ease his existential anxieties have led Deku into cultivating secret romantic feelings for her. When these feelings go unmet, combined with his failure to seduce Ochaco, Deku will be driven into despair. What transpires between Deku and Midnight will make him reconsider his morality, his sexual identity, and his aspirations to be a pro hero.

Even as Deku is rewarded with plentiful pussy, he is emotionally malnourished, which leaves him vulnerable to the manipulations of the predatory Mina. Employing pavlovian conditioning, Mina rewards Deku’s emasculation with sex and punishes him whenever he attempts to act dominant in the relationship.

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