21.6.2019 – Slave Boys of Mars Continues

The number one challenge I’ve had in making Slave Boys of Mars is that the scenario is too hardcore for most artists to stomach. Cum eating sissy fuckboys are triggering little bitches. Fortunately, my business has grown much since 2015 when I started this story. My brand now attracts some great companies who provide us service without bullshit.

The next Slave Boys comic will enter into production this summer. We also have a small run of pinups coming that I’ll be posting in connection with the next chapters of the story.

3D Porn Comic: Looking for Trouble 3

We’re starting publication of our newest 3D comic now. Like always, first comes the art, later comes the dialog and narration. Please enjoy.

Click the image or this link to view comic.

My Life With You

We moved in together after a year and a half in a long distance relationship. Now, I wake up every morning with him on top me. He starts pounding my pussy first thing in the morning, like a wolf in heat. We go at it for half an hour, to get our juices running. He pulls out before he cums, and we take a shower together. While the warm water pours on our bodies, he gropes my breasts, my buttocks, even puts his fingers inside of my naughty holes. He sometimes can’t restrain himself, and pounds me against the wall until I scream.

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