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Page 14 added. Writing dialog some day.

Naruto Sex Education, finally with dialog.

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Page 90 added.

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Waifufactory’s new b/w comic rocks lesbian goodness!

nier automata 2b hentai manga gangbang orgy comic full color

2B is the perfect sex bot.

sexy anime girls with big boobs walk into a cave while talking

Busty babes ambushed. Page 13 added.

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Hentaicommissions Erotica (AOT Porn): Attack on Ymir

(Note: Old artwork unrelated to the story.)

In the bustling halls of Paradis College, Ymir found herself lost amidst the sea of students, each one of them stopping to admire her as she passed. She was used to this kind of behavior. Her striking beauty often left onlookers spellbound. Her tall, slender frame was accentuated by her short, shaggy black hair, pedantically parted down the middle. Her piercing gray eyes held an air of intimidation. Freckles delicately adorned her cheeks, adding a touch of innocence to her exotic visage. Her uniform, a dark, form-fitting thing with a v-neck that emphasized her graceful neckline, only hinted at the captivating curves beneath.

“Ymir!” A sweet, almost child-like voice called out.

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3D Cuck Porn Game Spotlight: Perfect Housewife

Here’s another praise-worthy porn game we’ve reviewed. It’s the story of a housewife who starts cuckolding you with various partners. The scenarios are pretty absurd, but many scenes are animated and have incredible setup. The English translation, at the time of writing, is not in the best shape, but this is compensated for with thoughtful scenario design.

This sexy 3D visual novel has seen many content updates, so there’s plenty of scenes to explore. Our scoring doesn’t reflect the quality, as we focus on comparable production values. Core things are simply done well, making for an enjoyable pornographic experience. Read our full review.

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