Comics Last Updated May 26, 2020

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New comic. Writing dialog to this soon.

Art only. Full upload.

Page 7 added.

Black girl gangbanged. Page 7 added.

Page 26 added.

Project completed!

Project completed!

Project completed!

Project completed!

Project completed!

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1.8.2020 – Long-Awaited Update About Our Comics!

Where do I even start? The commission business has been such an incredible success, our artists have had literally no time for our original projects. The entire year I’ve been sitting on my butt relaying emails between clients and artists. I’ve also been building relationships and restarted World of Warcraft after years of lonely grinding. I’m also supposedly in a long-distance relationship with a gamer girl who is all-around just awesome.

I just couldn’t keep tunnelvisioning the work anymore, I was crashing and burning. The business is now up and running properly and takes minimum effort to keep afloat. That’s the real reason I haven’t written dialog to the comics in months; I have somewhat of a life now. And I’m taking plenty of time off to enjoy simple pleasures of life.

That all said, we are slowly getting back to finishing this particular comic series that our visitors have loved so much. Two Princesses One Yoshi 3 is at 13 pages now. It’s a tour-de-force of epic memes that caps off a saga. Uzonegro is drawing the linework, and I’m ordering the coloring from someone else.

Remember to support our comics and I might just get back to doing original shit again!

14.7.2020 – Star Wars Hentai – Princess Leia in Slave Bikini

Princess Leia was Jabba’s sex slave for a long time before her brother came to save her. Makes you wonder whether it was Luke’s perverted plan to let her rot in Jabba’s palace, taking dick all day.