Reality Check: Stress Kills You Slowly

Last time I had sex, I forgot to wear a condom. I finger-fucked the girl’s pussy. In the heat of the moment, I went and smeared her cunt juices on my dick and jerked off. Pussy juice is excellent lube.

After she pumped my load all over my chest, I realized I forgot the condom. Next day, I rushed to get STI tests – all tests came out negative. Today I got my HIV test, also negative.

The doctor added a testosterone test into the list of tests they conducted on me. It was weird, but I didn’t contest his decision. My testosterone levels are abnormally low, the test revealed.

They conducted more tests. I don’t have a damaged thyroid, or any other physical disease. The only explanation is that my cortisol levels have skyrocketed over the past five years due to my chronic stress, which has suppressed my testosterone production.

The symptoms of low testosterone include depressed moods, difficulty to build muscle, mood swings, and more. It also reduces lifespan a lot.

The doctor advised me to eat the above mixture of supplements for the rest of my life: Zinc, selenium, and vitamin D. The dosages are massive, I have to eat a total of eleven tablets every day.

I’m scheduled to get a new test in two months. Hopefully by then my T-levels have normalized, and I can cut down on the pill popping.

13.7.2019 – Star Wars Porn Comic Update

Our first ever Star Wars porn comic is still in the linework phase. The art company working on this release is doing a fantastic job. It’s a very complex scenario, with each page packing so much content and detail, I honestly don’t expect a perfect result. Hopefully the client who commissioned this will be pleased with the final result.

The story details the sex slave training regime of Princess Leia Organa in Return of the Jedi. You guys didn’t seriously think that Jabba puts her slave girls into tight bikinis just for eye candy?

The comic is 17 pages long. Production should finish by august.

Our Business Model Explained

Some visitors of my websites think that simply viewing ads provides us the resources to produce content. This fuzzy logic comes from television advertising, and Youtubers / streamers who have little personal connection to the companies that provide the ads. In reality, advertising revenue per viewer is calculated based on hard numbers: Number of expected earnings per visitor who viewed an advertisement. If 1000 people see an ad for a product that costs 50 dollars, and 1% of these people buy the product (10 people), your expected return of investment per 1000 viewers is 10×50= 500usd. 500usd divided by 1000 people means every visitor would be worth 0.5 cents. After discounting manufacturing costs, shipping costs, the advertising costs, taxes, etc. you are left with your actual earnings.

When you buy products at, we make money. When we make money, we make content. Thank you.