Capitalist Kuroneko Sluts For Cash

Some visitors of my websites think that simply viewing ads provides us the resources to produce content. This fuzzy logic comes from television advertising, and Youtubers / streamers who have little personal connection to the companies that provide the ads. In reality, advertising revenue per viewer is calculated based on hard numbers: Number of expected earnings per visitor who viewed an advertisement. If 1000 people see an ad for a product that costs 50 dollars, and 1% of these people buy the product (10 people), your expected return of investment per 1000 viewers is 10×50= 500usd. 500usd divided by 1000 people means every visitor would be worth 0.5 cents. After discounting manufacturing costs, shipping costs, the advertising costs, taxes, etc. you are left with your actual earnings.

When you buy products at, we make money. When we make money, we make content. Thank you.