23.11.2017 — Sakaki

Sakaki has never had sex before. She’s from a conservative household, always focused on her studies. She makes an unlikely friend out of her kouhai Aika, who is always switching boyfriends. Aika has no qualms about telling Sakaki everything about her wild sexual adventures. The good girl can’t take it forever, and her curiosity about sex leads to a fateful erotic photoshoot, that ends with her pictures on a dirty sex site. It’s like fate has decided, it’s time for this ripe virgin cunt to get her first dose of cock in her tight snatch.

Upcoming erotic kinetic novel project. Shop for hentai games and sextoys at hentai-onahole.moe to support the production!

“Hentai Solitaire” Sexy Card Game Project

We’re creating a 52+ deck of classic playing cards. Just like the classic playing cards showcased a little bit of the medieval social hierarchy, with a king, a queen, and a soldier, we’re taking things a step further. Our cards feature girls in positions like the president, politician, doctor, policeman, merchant, and even slaves and homeless people.

Card designs by Jberserk, colors by Crisisbeat.

When art is completed, we will release a PC game with a collection of some popular single-player card games. We will also make a limited print run for sale, that will hopefully catch the interest of fantasy game stores. The card art will be available from this website, with instructions how to make your own pirate version of the playing cards.