Artist Inequality In Free Market Hentai Capitalism

Why is one artist paid more than another? Is that not injustice? No, it is basic economics. Artists who are more popular, who have more clients, are able to raise their prices higher because the demand for their work, is higher. Less popular artists make less money, as they haven’t managed to increase the market demand for their art.

There are many strategies to increase your market value. In porn, you should cater to profitable content-starved niche fanbases. Also, you have to take an occasional calculated risk. Otherwise you have little chance of growing out of your humble beginnings. I am currently looking to commission higher tier artists, to level up the quality of our production, and hopefully attract more fappers. Their rates run at 60-100usd a page. is a very small porn site. I started this site, after grinding bank from advertising at much larger, much more popular hentai blogs. I can now pay my small team of freelancers standard rates that keep their loyalty. Getting to this point, took me years of non-stop work.

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Real Life Sex Story: Black Hooker Next Door

Every few months, when I’m starting to burn out from work, I book a romp with a local prostitute.  I’m 29 years old white male, I run my own business in the western hentai industry. This story recounts one of my experiences.

It had been months since I last had sex. The opportunity arrived halfway into March. Business had been good; My freelancers were churning out content for all my websites, and revenues were high. Instead of withdrawing all my month’s earnings to my Paypal, I converted 250€ from my bank account into cash. My plan was to book a high-class escort, for an hour of quality fucktime.

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