Answering fan questions: The concept of Slave Boys

Slave Boys of Mars is a homosexual dystopic sci-fi story setting. It’s a world of absolute abuse, where straight white males are disposable commodities that generate profit as transsexual prostitutes, until they break. The boys are beautiful, ultra experienced, completely without sexual boundaries, they’ll do anything to bring paying clients to multiple orgasms. This level of perfection is only possible through total dedication to the art of sex. The boys practice their sex skills in the harshest of conditions, where their minds and bodies are pushed to the breaking point. You suck cock, or die.

Their training regimes are brutal, the punishments are brutal, their clients are brutal. If you thought drinking cum from a straw was hardcore, you don’t have an imagination. Everything about this world is extreme, to enable me to tell the most incredible homosexual stories. We’re gonna have dicks with modified urethras like vaginas, giant breasts, giant testicles, monster cocks, bondage group sex, anal rape, anal creampie orgies, slave auctions.

I didn’t spend the last three years of my life grinding the gutter in soul-crushing loneliness, to become just another fucktard content creator that makes happy dappy generic hentai crap. No. My holy mission is to produce the most hardcore LGBT pornography conceived in the history of the planet.

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