19.6.2018 — Quick 3D Love Hotel Render

This crappy looking render depicts the love hotel where Dave and Sakaki will have sex in our upcoming erotic visual novel. The screenshot is grainy because it’s not fully rendered. Kia Azad did this very quickly to try different shades of red for the tapestry of the room. I’m not sure if we should add drapes in the windows for realism, or keep the view like this for the fantastic atmosphere. How excited would you feel having sex for the first time, with full affirmation that hundreds of nearby people could be watching from their apartments?

I don’t think we’re adding drapes to this room!

14.6.2018 — Crisisbeat Art – Prison School – Meiko Shiraki 3D Porn

Crisisbeat is one of my regular freelancers contributing art for my projects. Here are samples of his recent 3D ecchi art featuring Meiko Shiraki from Prison School. I have the artist’s consent to post this material.