7.6.2018 — Game Development Time?

Kia Azad has worked on the demo of our first 3D porn visual novel since last Christmas. He was getting massively frustrated with rendering environments, and we had a fight. He was so damn confident he could finish the demo in a month, only to get kicked in the groin by reality. I told him he should work on another comic for a while. He made Looking For Trouble 2, after which, we discussed our next move. He continued where he’d left off with the game, and I now have the demo on my hard-drive.

Our game is a very low budget proof-of-concept first-try kind of thing. We’re putting our absolute best effort into it, with a low buy-in. I’m paying only $500 for the demo, I’m writing the script myself, we might use royalty-free stock music and sound effects. It’ll be a nice and simple two-man thing.

Attached are two of the environments. There’s a school, and a motel room. The scenario is a simple “boy meets girl first time vaginal sex ensues”.

Yes, I’m hopping to another project even with so many unfinished projects in my backlog. I’ll get back to Hentai Solitaire and the comics soon.

– Otaku Apologist

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