6.7.2018 — Hired A Writer For Games

We got an experienced industry veteran to write in our game projects. We just spoke on Skype, and haven’t discussed everything yet, so I won’t announce his identity yet. But he’s basically written scripts for a very successful western hentai game company whose products I’ve reviewed.

His first project is “Speed Dating Sakaki”, the 3D porn visual novel we’ve been meaning to get into with Kia Azad since 2017. The above piece of art has the main female characters, interpreted by Kruth666 who I considered for the project until I discovered his rate would pretty much bankrupt me.

I’m also negotiating with Crisisbeat to commission him to produce the 3D character art. If things go well, we’re ditching the Daz3D stock models for high-quality 3D art in the game.

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