30.11.2018 – Pervywatch Backstory

With so much war and fighting going on in the world, Winston fell into a deep depression. He retired from the Overwatch appealing to mental health reasons, and turned to books in his search for answers to burning existential questions. Winston studied every modern religion and even ancient religions, desperately seeking confirmation that evil is not the supreme power that rules the world. Finding no such answers, he then turned to weed, porn, junk food, and lots of videogames. With only a limited number hours in his day for different hedonistic pleasures, he sought to combine his love of porn and gaming. Seeking the best porn games in the world, Winston Googled hentaireviews.moe.

Reading several game reviews on the site, he was convinced that hentai games made for a much better religion than the countless murderous ideologies invented by men. Winston became an avid hentai gamer.

In a cruel twist of fate, after reading Otaku Apologist’s positive review of the hentai visual novel Sakura Cupid, Winston clicked to Nutaku’s download store and bought the game. During his playthrough, more accurately described as a fapthrough, Winston had an epiphany while busting a nut at Mitsuki’s pink striped panties. In this lesbian-themed porn game, the main character Lilim shows absolute disregard for heaven’s rules, and instead pursues her own selfish desires for sex and financial independence. Such pervasive nihilistic individualism was like a fist in Winston’s hairy gorilla chin.

Good and evil, Winston realized, are flipsides of the same coin. When societies cold-heartedly reject the individual’s dark ambitions for sex, power, and destruction, imposing collectivist values that shun individuals who indulge in their impulses, people create the very beasts that gnaw at the foundations of society. He realized that the Overwatch, with their constant fighting to protect humanity from evil, were actually the progenitors of evil.

Winston wrestled with this new demonic concept that had buried itself into his brain. He wrestled for nights and days thinking of the interlinked cause and effect cycles of good and evil, while reading more hentai game reviews. It was during his fapthrough of Funbag Fantasy: Sideboob Story that Winston had a vision. King Lute Hende turned his enemies into friends with the power of his alpha male swaggery. Sex was the ultimate weapon. Sex would bring peace to the world.

Winston tracked down the other intelligent gorillas from the Lunar Horizon Colony. Angry and shunned by their societies, these genetically enhanced gorillas were more than willing to join his cause. He organized them into a cult-like group with only one goal in mind: Destruction of human institutions and killing its most vehement protectors. With the military experience he had gained in the Overwatch, Winston trained his gorillas to fight with modern high-tech weapons developed by him. They were ready to end humanity’s oppression of the apes forever.

The gorilla death cult of Winston staged a false flag terrorist attack. They lured the Overwatch into an ambush. Everyone died in the resultant shooting match, save for DVA and Mercy. This is the story of the end of the Overwatch.

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