29.3.2019 – The Hentai Industry Can Suck Me

The hentai industry has no good companies to work for. Pretty much every business partner I had over the years was a terrible human being. I even studied how these types of people think, to find some angle to communicate through their bloated egos and traumatized minds, to improve co-operation and make it tolerable to work with them.

The conclusion I came to is that it’s impossible to find good partners here, who both aspire for money and quality. It’s impossible due to the nature of porn itself. Porn thrives off of bottom-feeding on weak people. Serial masturbation often stems from problems in society and the individual’s life. When you have weak values, no future plans, a litany of problems, and no quality mate, you default to hedonistic self-pleasuring, like in prison.

Because of the nature of the millions of porn customers, the incentives are too strong for bottom-feeding strategies. The companies that get big from porn usually do it with a quantity over quality production strategy. The companies use so many disgusting strategies, they’re toxic workplaces. By virtue of natural selection in a competitive free market, the types of people who get success in porn are cold-hearted bastards.

I know too many examples of hentai hustlers trying to climb the ladder of this industry by helping an evil king conquer a kingdom for himself. But these “kings” are by definition the worst kind of disloyal ladder climbers who stab you in the back the moment you’re no longer performing at maximum capacity. They discard you when it’s convenient for them. They might pay you decently, but they don’t help you build a name for yourself.

I’ve wasted a lot of years doing under-the-table freelancing gigs and other shitty projects in absence of other opportunities. I’m not tempted by any offered opportunities for co-operation anymore. I’m just gonna build my own thing and call it a day.

I will happily keep writing about shitty products for easy dollars. I just won’t be seeking employment from hentai companies ever again.

21.3.2019 – Two Princesses One Yoshi: War for the Mushroom Kingdom

Princesses Rosalina and Peach gave their bodies to the feral red yoshi. Their years in exile were filled with interspecies breeding. Together, the girls birthed an army of ferocious dinosaurs. In the darkest caves of Yoshi’s Island, the two princesses plotted the total takeover of Mushroom kingdom while popping out yoshi eggs from their vaginas.

The next chapter in this epic saga will feature fewer pages dedicated to blowjobs. We will detail the destructive war the princesses waged against the kingdom that abandoned them on Yoshi’s Island. The Mushroom people will be murdered by yoshis zerg rushing them on land and the sky. It will be a story of revenge, betrayal, and tragedy.

We can fund this project via the usual game downloads and sextoy sales, or do a crowdfunding campaign. I’m kind of interested to launch a Kickstarter, since the sexual content will be less prominent in this chapter.