25.4.2019 – Princess Jasmine in Negligee

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21.4.2019 – Rachel Starr in Cat Keyhole Lingerie

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19.4.2019 – Princess Trainer: Jasmine – Dev Update #1

We’re dividing the labor differently in this new project. I’m stepping down from the management position, and instead assuming the roles of an advisor, financier, and public relations manager.

I’m giving the project leader practically full creative freedom. After many years of working together, Kia Azad has earned my full trust to run the game development branch of my business. Let’s see how it works out!

Kia Azad is now working on our new game project, “Princess Trainer: Jasmine”, inspired by Akabur’s famous game. We’re commissioning better art, writing a better story, and even getting English voice acting if we receive the funding. We’re starting with an initial budget of $1000. We’re designing a simple art style that’s easy for artists to mimic, so we can hire multiple artists without risking inconsistent visuals.

In our game, princess Jasmine gets fucked, abused, and humiliated, until she’s addicted to sex like a cock sucking whore. There’s going to be no happy ending for her. She might even die with dick in her mouth.

You can help us develop this game at the Studio Danza Patreon.

19.4.2019 – Princess Jasmine’s Lesbian Furry Fucktime

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