War for The Mushroom Kingdom: Yoshi Swarm

The reproductive capabilities of the yoshis are limitless. A single yoshi can produce an infinite number of eggs, by simply eating koopas, shy guys, goombas, and other bitches.

For reasons unknown, the yoshis consciously, or perhaps subconsciously, abstain from raising their numbers. There is only ever one yoshi of every color. These docile yoshis are unfit for combat. Unlocking the feral nature inside the yoshis is the key to the princesses’ plan to conquer back the Mushroom kingdom from the traitorous toads that banished them.

The princesses breed with the feral red yoshi. They train their children into the ultimate killing machines that reproduce without restraint. After several years of preparation, they take their yoshi army across the sea. So begins the war for the Mushroom kingdom. No prisoners will be taken.

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