Slave Boys of Mars – Sex Slave Auction – Chapter 2


Everybody could see his dick-eating, cum-covered face from the television screen. His lips were tightly wrapped around the pulsating flesh rod, white goo drizzling on his lower lip. The customer in question had blown three full loads in his mouth before finally pulling out. Only because of his months of deepthroat training, had he been able to suppress his gag reflex. Sally remembered the feel and taste of that particular dick vividly, he couldn’t erase the memory of a single dick he had sucked.

Sally’s mouth was dick-free in that moment, but watching the video of himself on the screen, the memory returned with all the associated sensations. Everywhere he watched in the room, he saw boys sucking dicks, giving handjobs, taking facials. The riveting stench of sex was everywhere.

The naked customer groping him from behind pulled down his panties, and shoved his eager cock between his balls. The man grabbed his hips firmly, grinding against his legs, like fucking a pussy. He was a strong, meat-eating man in his late thirties with big, coarse palms. His strained biceps contrasted with Sally’s stick-like, bony arms. The boy slave had barely any physical strength due to three factors: He was only given leftovers to eat each day, not a single full meal. He lacked opportunities for physical exercise. Extreme hormone therapies had done the rest.

As the big cock kept grinding against his itching balls, Sally cried like a bitch. He tried to suppress the tears, but they wouldn’t stop. His life had been all humiliation and embarrassment, this sexual harassment was just another episode in a lifetime of unhappiness. On moment’s like this, he fantasized about putting a noose around his neck and jumping off. The sweet embrace of oblivion was one determined step away. Only his cowardice kept him alive from one disgusting orgy to the next.

Every dick that wasn’t getting sucked by a maid was being stroked by its owner. Crowds of men were standing around, jerking off, waiting for their turn that never seemed to arrive. They watched the videos on the walls, looking around impatiently for new maids to stick their dicks in. They saw Sally, groped like a whore, putting up no fight at all. It was all the invitation they needed.

A crowd of hulking, masturbating guys surrounded Sally. The alcoholic drinks on his tray disappeared quickly. The guys emptied the glasses in long, singular gulps. Had they been wearing shoes, they may have tossed the glasses on the floor, so uncaring was their attitude. Instead, one guy took the tray from Sally’s hand and carried it away, while the rest formed a circle around the helpless maid.

“Hey, babe. That you on the video?”, a man asked with a sneering voice. He flicked his neck towards the television.

Before Sally could even answer, the man behind him jabbed him in the neck. He jolted from the sudden pain, he went limp for just a second. When his senses returned, he found himself on his knees, on the floor, a dozen erect cocks on his eye level. Their owners were grinding their foreskins back and forth, their tips oozing from previous ejaculations. The boy who had eaten those loads was right next to them, only a few meters away, still gagging on multiple dicks being thrust into his mouth at once. Sally could hear his sloppy, ragged breath from the cacophony of slurping.

The man behind Sally sandwiched his dick between his ass cheeks. From all the hormone therapies, his ass was a big, round, soft piece of meat. The man sausage was hot and slippery against the cavity of his ass. At any given moment, he could just thrust it inside.

The position was humiliating. Everyone could see him bent over, like a dog in heat. His frilly mini skirt was rolled over to his hips, and his butt was completely exposed. He heard a jeering whistle slicing through the air. He looked up at the men in front of him, all staring down, like hungry wolves eyeing their prey.

He could smell them. He smelled the piss, the sweat, and the old cum. The vomit-inducing reek rose up to his nostrils. Before he could blink, one particularly red-headed mushroom tip burst out its load. The white lines of cock juice hit him right in the face. The man who had ejaculated sighed in relief. He broke from the crowd to anxiously shove his dick between his lips. Sally refused to open wide, no matter how much he poked against his clacked teeth.

“Hands off the merchandise”, a man’s voice bellowed.


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