7.5.2019 – Otakusexart.com Business Update

Everyone has been working super hard to get the site growing. Here’s a quick update on where the otakusexart.com project stands.


We now receive 350-450 search hits a day. I got two freelancers working on search engine optimization, and the results are showing. We’re at 4000-5000 daily page views, growing steadily with each completed project.

Business model

Hentai game downloads keep us afloat, but we have bad months. We’ve been making about 30% less revenue than last year. I projected $3000 monthly revenues by now, but I guess not.


We currently make about $1500-1700 a month. Half of that goes into our writing budget. Commissions have proven an unstable source of revenue with clients jumping in and out of projects. Improvements are needed.

Art team

We have two art teams and two regular freelancers on art projects. Once we hit a really good month, I’ll kick the content production into overdrive.

Future content plans

Our biggest issue right now is costs. Until we’re more popular, we can’t produce these large full color comics. They were an experiment to begin with. The artists are willing to do black and white comics for ~20% less pay.

And that’s everything. Thanks for visiting and happy fapping!

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