15.5.2019 – Commission Shenanigans Update

This month we’ve been working on several commissions with multiple freelancing artists and art teams. We’re doing a Star Wars porn comic that’s stretching us to the limit with its complexity. We’re doing the Gwen Stacy footjob comic, an Avatar: The Last Airbender footjob animation, and some porn parody pinups for our own amusement.

Interesting thing I’ve learned while working on these various productions is that I’ve accidentally become a very competent manager. Art and revenue have flowed effortlessly, and customers are happy.

Above is a sketch of Oola, Jabba’s twilek slave from Return of the Jedi. She’s concept art for a commissioned comic, which is the most complex mashup of hardcore fetishes I’ve ever encountered. Hopefully everything goes smoothly and we can produce this comic fully.

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