The Advantages of Hiring Our Art Production

There’s lots of problems when you work with amateur artists. For larger projects, you need a professional team. When you commission artwork from my production, you have 100% guarantee of delivery.

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1 – Affordable and flexible prices. We produce your fantasy on your budget. We can reduce detail, simplify backgrounds, all to fit your budget.

2 – Guarantee of delivery. I only hire professionals who meet my high standards for reliability, speed, and quality. The artist won’t be paid until he has completed the work he was hired to do.

3 – Few content limitations. I hire artists with differing comfort zones. You won’t be denied service 90% of time. I’m always working to circumvent content limitations with new hires.

4 – Smooth communications. You don’t have to deal with cultural differences, like angering an artist by accidentally uttering his trigger words. Even if you’re bad at English, I am excellent at communications.

5 – No stress for you. I already run two hentai content businesses encompassing 10+ international freelancers. I manage your project for you and take away the stress from dealing with moody artists.

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