30.6.2019 – Upcoming Comics This Summer

We’ve gotten several comic commission requests from our fans. We’re working on four new comics that will be published next month, half of which are based on our own original intellectual property.

“My Life With You” is a 15-page is a romantic story of a heterosexual dom-sub relationship that grows kinkier over time.

“Alien Tentacle Monster Comic” (working title). This 8-page comic features a human male and female corrupted by a sexy alien female. It’s pure fucking that escalates into a hardcore tentacle rape orgy.

“Star Wars: Hutt’s Sluts” (working title). A client commissioned us to do a 17-page BDSM humiliation story featuring Leia Organa as Jabba the Hutt’s sex slave. The scenario is wildly imaginative, extremely stimulating, and pushes the limits with its taboo themes.

“Slave Boys of Mars: Sex Slave Auction”. The latest chapter of Slave Boys will be made into a comic in July. Sally tries to avoid getting swept up into the bukkake orgy with other slaves. I’m funding this one out of pocket.

I would love to continue our other series as well. The only thing prohibiting us from doing more projects is the costs of production. If you enjoy our content, buy stuff at our store, or join our Patreon.

The more you support us, the more comics we can make!

3D Sex Comic: Looking for Trouble 3

Luna, Iliyana, and Sebastian continue their misadventures in the ruined elven city. The bond between Luna and Sebastian deepens.

Click the image or this link to read comic.