4.9.2019 – Super Useful Life Advice: Repetition and Habits

For some, emotional issues are severely degrading of their quality of life. It doesn’t have to be that way, and let me tell you why.

Your emotions do not actually control you. Your habits control you. The routines you have established for yourself, that you execute every day on auto-pilot, are the things that determine how you spend your time. It takes about a month of repetition to establish a habit.

You do something every day, around the same time. After a while, your body starts to crave the activity. Regardless of your mood, the weather, or any other outside factor, you will execute the activity. Personally, I always go for 2-3 walks a day. I blog hentai every day, even when I don’t want to.

If you have social anxiety, you have to choose to be social every day. Greet your neighbors even if you feel awkward. Call a friend even if you have nothing to say that day. Be awkwardly social every day, and eventually, your anxieties will begin to lessen, and your social skills will naturally improve.

If you’re contemplating going to therapy for your anxieties, don’t waste your money. Get a sales job. When I still had depression and my social anxieties, I applied to work at phone sales companies. After just two months of that, I was better. Selling product on the phone was literally paid therapy.

You can find plenty of research online to back up what I’m saying. This is real shit. Repetition of good habits is all you need.

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