27.2.2021 – Fertility Clinic Game Development Update

We’re producing a big pinup set featuring sexy cowgirls. We’re exploring the cowgirl concept, new characters and ideas. I’m hiring / allocating writers to this project along with artists, voice actors, everything. While the first game will be a simple visual novel, there’s no telling where we will ultimately take this scenario. As it’s our own intellectual property, we can do anything we want. I’m thinking lots of milking, gangbangs, cum eating, lewd medical checkups, body modification, big tits lesbian goodness, and more.

12.2.2021 – Echoes from the Edge of Madness

I burned my youth, my savings and a slew of relationships to get this business off the ground. I never traveled, barely dated, I have no friends outside of work, no education that would qualify me for a job better than a cashier. The sheer amount of blood, sweat, and tears would fill a swimming pool.

I gave up everything to become a professional hentai blogger. And everything, nothing, went according to plan. With sheer force of will, I made it anyway.

Most people who have a dream give up when they meet resistance. I’ve met nothing but resistance. The loneliness alone has been maddening.

I conquered 15 years of depression and anxiety issues in two short years. I make more money than my parents at the height of their careers. I have friends, freelancers, clients, business partners, I have everything.

I never sold out, never compromised. And all that motherfucking sacrifice paid off… I can’t recommend this. Fuck your dreams, get a wife and a job.