9.5.2021 – Fertility Clinic Update: Scenarios Complete

From daily vaginal semen injections to banging a horde of guys, the girls of Fertility Clinic quickly find themselves getting comfortable with the daily routine of taking their treatments like good little bitches. We have now produced enough artwork for the sex scenes, no more is needed. I’m putting in the order for some backgrounds, but there won’t be many. The premise is sterile and dull, and the girls’ daily routine is predictable. This will keep the writing simple to execute and our art budget manageable. You won’t be seeing much plot or character development. It’s an immersive fantasy, a juicy “what if” scenario that you can throw yourself in. Relaxing escapism.

I’m designing the storyline to appeal to male and female players alike. It’s an interesting challenge finding the common ground in the porn preferences of the sexes. Almost frighteningly, women enjoy pretty much the same level of depravity as men once they feel secure enough to explore. I will test-read the story with my female business partners, just to get that perspective. All goes well, we’ll make one hella successful debut porn game.

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