6.11.2021 – New Game Project: My Hero Cuckademia

Class 1-A were on a summer vacation on the beach, when Deku finally worked up the courage to confess his feelings to Ochaco Uraraka. With sad pitying eyes, she rejected him with the words “I wish you’d confessed sooner, because I have a boyfriend now… I hope you find someone. I have to go”.

Deku watched in agony as Ochaco wobbled away. Her butt and tits had grown massive this past year. She was an adult now, her pussy aching for men to fill her. After catching his breath, he ran desperately after her, with no plan whatsover. He heard her voice behind some rocks and peeked behind them…

With her tongue hanging out indecently, Ochaco was taking a big fat cock in her hungry pussy. With experienced movements, she grinded her hips against the meaty rod pumping her sloppy fuckhole, turning it into a cum-soaked mess. The musky smell of sperm, pussy, and sweat lingered thickly in the air. He was cumming in her cunt, and her lower body was drinking every drop of it.

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The girl she loved had stopped waiting for him, and he had only his own cowardice to blame. Deku could only watch the sex act midway before the anxiety grew too much for him to bear. He ran from the scene quietly, hating himself, cursing his very existence. With his shoulders hunched, he walked to the beach, his eyes as watery as the blue ocean.

“Ochaco was never the good girl next door”, the voice of Mina Ashido purred.

Deku jolted, he had lost sense of his surroundings. Mina stood beside her in a tight black micro bikini that barely covered her shaved pussy and dug into her saggy soft breasts, like fingers. She was blushing, which puzzled Deku until he realized his swimming pants were shaped like a tent, revealing his raging boner.

“You can put that inside of me if you do what I say”, Mina said with glassy eyes that stared right into him.

From those words, began the wild sexual relationship of Deku and Mina. In this project, that I plan to include mini-stories and images and eventually a visual novel release, Mina is a devious vixen who seduces Deku into her partner-in-crime. They explore their sexuality to the fullest, with Mina as the dominant partner. They start out small, with tease and denial, eventually attending sex parties where they take on multiple partners. The innocent Deku gets utterly corrupted by the pink demoness, to the point he becomes a broken husk of a man, only living to service Mina’s depraved desires.

At the time of writing, the project is in pre-production. More details to follow!

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