My Hero Cuckademia – Supporting Characters

Mina and Ochaco are not the only MHA girls who make an appearance in our comic. Deku has multiple out-of-his-league love interests, one of them being Midnight. They have no chance of becoming a couple however, as Midnight and Himiko Toga are in a lesbian relationship… this doesn’t stop them from messing around with Deku, but penetration sex, they’ll never go there.

After many miserable failed attempts at finding a good, loyal woman to love him, Deku will be desperate, easy pickings for the manipulative Mina. His downward spiral into decadence will include bisexual experiments, interracial sex, cross-dressing, group sex. And his budding relationship with Midnight, which ends in crushing failure, will be one of the key triggers of his downfall.

Deku and Midnight became closer after Deku’s mother’s death. Midnight gave him counseling and supported his recovery. During his darkest hours, she would give him pity handjobs and encourage him to find a girlfriend. Because Midnight is a lesbian, she felt nothing for Deku, and nothing about milking his balls, but her actions flared Deku’s feelings, which he’s kept secret.

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