My Hero Cuckademia Backstory: Tragedy of Class 1-A

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Not much is left of class 1-A after the horrific events of a class trip gone wrong. Deku’s mother, and Bakugo’s mother, and many students in the class were killed. Most of the bodies of the deceased were never uncovered. Having experienced the shortness and fragility of mortal life, the remaining girls and guys of class 1-A are psychologically broken nihilistic hedonists.

Bakugo has adopted a philosophy of living in the moment, fearlessly pursuing relationships with the women of U.A. Many of the girls are not even aware of each other… Bakugo’s love interests include both teachers and students.

Deku and Bakugo are very close. The mass death event they both survived made them finally bury the hatchet, reviving their friendship. But while Bakugo cares for Deku, he feels nothing about seducing girls Deku likes. In his mind, it’s an immoral competition where the best man deserves to win.

Who are dead? Almost everybody. Especially the most obnoxious characters in the cast, such as Minoru, whose body burned to the bone. Ida is braindead, stuck in a hospital in life support, waiting for death…

Mina’s sadistic emotional manipulation of Deku can be partially explained by the death of her friend, Kaminari Denki. They were very close, almost romantic. She went through a deep depression, which brought back her trauma from being molested when young. She medicates her suicidal self-loathing and feelings of helplessness with sexually dominant behavior, which develops a sadistic undertone when she meets the innocent, sexually inexperienced Deku on the beach. She grows to enjoy humiliating Deku so much, she eventually takes him as her boyfriend sextoy, whom he manipulates to be completely emotionally dependent on him. Support this comic here!

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