8.7.2022 – Slave Boys of Mars: Sally’s Greedy Boy’s Night

Sally’s performance in the VIP orgies of Mars made her many fans who wanted private time with her. Read the story!

A group of clients got together to purchase her for a special event. Everyone chimed in to afford this premium boy-pussy. Because her genetically modified body produces cum many times more than usual, she was packed for the evening, forced to stay celibate for agonizing weeks in preparation for the event. The clients paid extra to make up for the income her owner didn’t make. For every event she would’ve been booked for and wasn’t able to attend, his owner was paid for. When the time finally came for her release, a high-tech cock ring was installed, to completely prevent ejaculation.

The clients rubbed their cocks against his engorged balls, to get themselves hard. Some dipped their dicks in her boy-pussy, no thrusting, the juicy hole cleaned prior to the event puckered as hungrily as his lips uttered whimpering invitations to be plugged.

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