Hentaicommissions Comic Development Procedure

Before starting on your comic, we do several things to map out the scope of your project. We give you a price quote after we know more details.

We ask you to fill a questionnaire. Most important is knowing the number of pages you’re planning and the art style you prefer.

You’ll also need to write a page-by-page breakdown, even panel-by-panel. We need image references named as “Hairstyle Ref”, “Body Type Ref”, etc.

Then, it’s payment time. We draw character sketches, which are also art style studies. Pinup style artworks that can be colored, if you want.

After you approve the character sketches, we ask for payment again. This can cover a page, or pages, or entire phases (ie. all line arts).

Then there’s storyboarding; we draft all pages. Drafts are rough and shoddy and inexpensive to revise. In this stage, we want tons of feedback.

After you’ve approved the character sketches and the storyboards, we start on clean line art. Before this phase begins, the plan must be complete. There’s no stopping the process anymore. We enter “production mode”, and it’s very linear. You can ask minor changes only, no overhauls, no refunds.

Once line arts are approved, we move into coloring, assuming you bought color. We do flat colors first, then comes shading, fluids, shines, all the effects.

In summary, we spend most time on pre-planning stage. After that’s done, the snowball rolls downhill. Back to Hentaicommissions.

Our No-refunds Policy Explained:

As you will receive plenty of updates leading up to the finished project, along with the exhaustive pre-planning we do together before the financial commitments are made, you will have no reason to ask for a refund. We have a structured, step-by-step process that ensures delivery.

The production phases are:

1) test sketch, 2) storyboarding, 3) line art, 4) coloring, 5) final touches.

But should we make promises that we cannot deliver, we can offer a partial refund and only for the portion in a stage that was unsanctioned by you. We ask consent and directions multiple times, and your consent is recorded each time. In all dispute situations, what we have both said, we treat as the law.

That said, I can count the refunds I’ve issued over the years with one hand.

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