MHC Project Update: Efficient Fantasy Fuel

‘My Hero Cuckademia’ is our most ambitious comic project in terms of length (already 110+ pages of art produced), and this has pressured us to develop cost-efficient strategies to tell an erotic story in comic format. Once we have established the entire premise and the relationships of all the characters, which completes at page 113, we can begin telling stories in this world. For example, Ochaco’s social media updates about her sex life with her new boyfriend. Oh yes, you will be able to proverbially stalk her sweet phat ass.

I plan to have longer story sections within the comic that only have a faded page below the text. The larger plan is to create a fantasy world. All of our original projects are worlds where abundant sexual possibilities are believable, thanks to the layered creative choices done in setting up the premises. It’s indeed ambitious and we’ll see how it goes!

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