Real Life Sex Story: Consolation Fuck With A Russian Prostitute

It was a chilly autumn morning when I booked a blonde Russian prostitute with a big ass from a sex dating site. My love interest of four months had just blocked me on Discord after a whole summer of intense chatting.

I commissioned a comic about the future of our relationship, titled My Life With You, which was a sex scenario we came up with together. But it was a pipe dream. My vision of a steamy long-distance relationship that would culminate in a life-long kinky marriage, were crushed. What made the loss more devastating was that I had just launched, while and were finally in condition to produce the resources for the travel and living expenses.

I had been using this sex dating site for my sexual needs for years. I knew the ads were legit, and the girls were plenty. While scratching up phone numbers of the front page hotties, my mind wandered into darkness.

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Yuri Hentai Game Review: Sakura Sweetheart

Sakura Sweetheart, a hentai visual novel game. Published and released by Winged Cloud on February 2019. For PC Windows.

Marron is a clumsy girl who dreams of becoming a pastry chef, just like her parents. Unfortunately, she didn’t inherit their talent in the kitchen. Her new instructor is very strict – and sexy! Can Marron become a professional chef under her instructor’s guidance?

Sakura Sweetheart has two beautifully cute girls as its protagonists. Each character has a distinctively unique look and personality. Zakuro is an unfeeling, robotic instructor. Marron’s love defrosts this ice-queen, and Zakuro learns to open up to Marron. She evolves into a perverted sex maniac, determined to be the dom in the relationship.

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4.9.2019 – Super Useful Life Advice: Repetition and Habits

For some, emotional issues are severely degrading of their quality of life. It doesn’t have to be that way, and let me tell you why.

Your emotions do not actually control you. Your habits control you. The routines you have established for yourself, that you execute every day on auto-pilot, are the things that determine how you spend your time. It takes about a month of repetition to establish a habit.

You do something every day, around the same time. After a while, your body starts to crave the activity. Regardless of your mood, the weather, or any other outside factor, you will execute the activity. Personally, I always go for 2-3 walks a day. I blog hentai every day, even when I don’t want to.

If you have social anxiety, you have to choose to be social every day. Greet your neighbors even if you feel awkward. Call a friend even if you have nothing to say that day. Be awkwardly social every day, and eventually, your anxieties will begin to lessen, and your social skills will naturally improve.

If you’re contemplating going to therapy for your anxieties, don’t waste your money. Get a sales job. When I still had depression and my social anxieties, I applied to work at phone sales companies. After just two months of that, I was better. Selling product on the phone was literally paid therapy.

You can find plenty of research online to back up what I’m saying. This is real shit. Repetition of good habits is all you need.

21.8.2019 – My Fucking Room is Gay

This is my room. I’ve been stuck in this little cell for the past 3 years of my life. I’ve been blogging hentai for days and nights in this shitty economy.

It was back in 2016 when my mother lost her job. We sold our house and moved to the big city where jobs were more available. Around the same time, my tumblr blog was banned. I lost my business, I lost my investor, my freelancers left me.

I rebuilt the business. I launched new websites. I hired new freelancers. I reviewed some godawful hentai games and made them sell. I spent most of my earnings into the comics you can now read on this website.

During these rather unhappy years of uncertainty, I developed an iron-clad mindset. Regardless of whatever sick fuckery is happening in the world, or to the people around me, I keep blogging.

We have some great content coming up all month. Keep visiting, because updates are going to be frequent, if not daily.