Quick Fundraising Update!

Hey, reader. Just wanted to show you the interface I look at to know if you like our content. I watch several metrics. The above statistics show our Nutaku campaign, which has been running since 2016. Today, one of you signed up to them and bought something, so we made $15.24.

Our payment model is a lifetime revenue shade model. The account you create at services like Nutaku, you can find banners at otakusexart.com/support, you can then use the account for shopping at hentai-onahole.moe.

And then we pump more fap fuel. It’s that simple.

14.9.2023 – One Piece BDSM Hentai – Boa Hancock

Tamale and Paulecchi both drew a BDSM concept with Boa Hancock from One Piece. This will be a first test of our new publishing model. The size of these is only 1600px height, but you can get 3000px height hi-res versions at a designated crowdfunding platform listed at otakusexart.com/support… We won’t directly link to our chosen crowdfunding platform in posts, because if we’re banned like 3+ years later, the blog would be littered with dead links.

Sleeping Beauty Comic Project

We’re doing a consensual Sleeping Beauty comic. It’s the most consensual comic we’ve done since 2017 when we started, with explicit, legally binding consent established by the participants in the sexual exchange every step of the way from the beginning to the sloppy end. The females of this comic love the dick so goddamn much, their very existence oozes desire for deep penetration, to be stuffed like turkeys. The artist is Didi, her debut comic.

There’s Something About This Hero That’s Driving Me to Lust

naked nude mha himiko deku sex comic page

Himiko Toga pounces Deku and gets instantly horny! View comic.

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Announcement: Change to our publishing model

Since 2017, we have published low res images at 1600 pixels height max. This site will continue hosting these lower quality images, which are free for everyone to download. You can also grab ’em on MEGA, though some comics aren’t there, and the “art only” versions are exclusive to this blog.

We’ll now be publishing 3000 pixel height resolution images on Subscribestar. Become a subscriber and you gain access to much better-looking goods, and you’ll also be able to influence which comic series is produced. As we have a whole team, we can run multiple projects at once, if we receive funding.

I’ll talk more about these plans in the coming weeks.