24.1.2022 – Princess Jasmine Outdoors BDSM

We’re making a lewd game featuring Princess Jasmine. Check our progress at the Studio Danza Patreon. This cute promotional artwork was made by Claymore, one of our in-house artists. Support us and we make more:


Fixing Your Social Anxiety, Let’s Go

Recently had a conversation with a freelancer suffering from anxiety. They were bullied in their youth, which unfortunately leads to often chronic mental health issues long into adult life. Now, as these issues are very common, especially among heavy porn consumers, I wanted to share thoughts on the subject. This should be helpful to most people.

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Comic Preview: Warrior of Light – Final Fantasy

We got a big order to create a full-color Final Fantasy comic. This one will be easily a few months before the full release is ready for publishing. If you want to keep up with this project plus read my rad social commentary, be sure to check out the social media tab! I basically just update the Twitter and rant about politics in our little Discord.

This comic is called “Warrior of Light”. Features a saucy interracial scene.

Novel Update: Journey Into The Source of Light – Chapter 8

A world at the edge of the universe. The near-lightless sky has but a few stars at night. Every few thousand cycles, they become fewer in number. As if something is devouring them.

This world has no sun, it is its own light source. Eternal summer. No storms, no earthquakes, no natural disasters. Paradise. Or so it should be… Read the full premise of this project.

Chapter synopsis: While the army of the dead has fallen, the sea of blood must still be crossed without dying.

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