21.8.2019 – My Fucking Room is Gay

This is my room. I’ve been stuck in this little cell for the past 3 years of my life. I’ve been blogging hentai for days and nights in this shitty economy.

It was back in 2016 when my mother lost her job. We sold our house and moved to the big city where jobs were more available. Around the same time, my tumblr blog otakusexart.tumblr.com was banned. I lost my business, I lost my investor, my freelancers left me.

I rebuilt the business. I launched new websites. I hired new freelancers. I reviewed some godawful hentai games and made them sell. I spent most of my earnings into the comics you can now read on this website.

Every day it felt like there was no hope. I resolved to keep blogging, regardless of how I felt each day. Everything went wrong all the time.

During these rather unhappy years of uncertainty, I developed an iron-clad mindset. Regardless of whatever sick fuckery is happening in the world, or to the people around me, I keep blogging. Whenever I feel stressed, anxious, insecure, or depressed, my emotions shut down, my mind starts racing, and my body starts moving. I’ve made hundreds of dollars worth of daily sales while operating on pure killer instinct. My websites thrive and grow relentlessly because I am unstoppable. Never give up. Never surrender.

We have some great content coming up all month. Keep visiting, because updates are going to be frequent, if not daily.