8.7.2018 — “Speed Dating Sakaki” 3D Porn Game Update

Here’s our second heroine, called Aika. Yes, we named her after a Japanese porn star. She is Sakaki’s liberal friend from a single mother household. Aika has no daddy at home telling her she can’t have sex. She hates her mother and hates staying home, she’s always on the move hanging out with friends from her large social circle. From that social circle she finds hookups for quick dirty sex when she’s itching for a fuck. Aika is Incredibly smart, but a terrible student.

This girl is a bad influence for Sakaki who is a conservative asian girl from an upper middle-class family. Both of her parents are hard workers and make tons of money.  They’ve sheltered their daughter from the insanity of the real world her entire life, leaving her defenseless to resist the manipulations of her new friend. Aika is playing a dirty game for her own sadistic amusement: She wants to see if she can make the perfect good girl into a bad girl. She pulls Sakaki into parties where she has casual sex.

We’re making a collection of semi-realistic erotic games featuring these characters. The projects will be quick and dirty.