Training New Animators For Commissions

Here’s a cute animated tentacle girl, a work sample from one of our newer recruits. As the demand for quality animations from our customers has been huge, we’ve worked on a solution that is affordable to normal consumers of anime erotica. We’re training animators, starting with simple sex loops.

Spoiler Alert! The Ending of Fertility Clinic.

In a riveting plot twist, the two main girls of our game get pregnant. I am not planning on alternate endings, no complex storylines. The scenario of Fertility Clinic will run a linear and predictable course. The girls have tons of sex with varied partners and they get pregnant. Everyone is happy to be mothers!

This image marks the conclusion of the character art production. We are still working on backgrounds and other assets, but those probably won’t be posted. You guys will see just the sexy girls having sex.

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Cuckolding Hentai Comic: The Slayers Secret

Lina and Filia have a passionate sexual relationship behind Gourry’s back.

Click the image or this link to view the full comic.

10.11.2021 – High School DxD Femdom BDSM Threesome

Akeno Himejima and Rias Gremory take turns humiliating Issei.