Spoiler Alert! The Ending of Fertility Clinic.

In a riveting plot twist, the two main girls of our game get pregnant. I am not planning on alternate endings, no complex storylines. The scenario of Fertility Clinic will run a linear and predictable course. The girls have tons of sex with varied partners and they get pregnant. Everyone is happy to be mothers!

This image marks the conclusion of the character art production. We are still working on backgrounds and other assets, but those probably won’t be posted. You guys will see just the sexy girls having sex.

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Cuckolding Hentai Comic: The Slayers Secret

Lina and Filia have a passionate sexual relationship behind Gourry’s back.

Click the image or this link to view the full comic.

10.11.2021 – High School DxD Femdom BDSM Threesome

Akeno Himejima and Rias Gremory take turns humiliating Issei.

10.11.2021 – Fertility Clinic Update: Rachel’s Journey

Rachel woke up late to her desire to have a family. Over the age of 30 already and not getting any younger, fixing her body takes drastic measures, including copious amounts of ingested semen from multiple men. She masturbates furiously before bed every night with the hot loads swirling inside her shiny pussy. Her slutty friend Jessica supports her emotionally on her journey to rediscovering her sexuality. Rachel will also develop a sexual relationship with her doctor at the clinic, a man who’ll happily offer her relief and cum – within ethical bounds, of course. This is a happy story that bends reality, thus she will get very pregnant from the daily gangbangs and blowbangs.

We now have a dozen scenarios, enough to make a fully-fletched game. I can order more, if we receive the support. You can help us produce more artwork by ordering artwork at hentaicommissions.com, or by buying softwares from any of our saucy advertisers at hentaireviews.moe. You can also provide us funds on our Patreon. The story of Fertility Clinic still needs a writer, while the coding will be done on Renpy by our very own Kia Azad.