Hentai (2000) School Anime Review: Bible Black

The show opens with a ritual. A group of shady people sacrifice a woman named Reika Katami in the ritual, in order to contact the devil. After that creep show, we cut to a scene of a high school.

We are introduced to two friends, Taki Minase and Kurumi Imari. As Minase leaves class, we see Reika Katami. She’s alive! She is trying to seduce a female student into naughty lesbian fun times. The girl refuses her advances, but Reika grabs her and forcefully lands a passionate kiss on her lips. She whispers an incantation in the girl’s ear that makes her madly horny. They get a private room and quickly undress, and Reika reveals her massive engorged penis. She fucks the girl in reverse cowgirl and cums inside of her.

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