Slave Boys of Mars – Sex Slave Auction – Chapter 1


The orgy was in full swing when Sally came from the kitchen. Every corner of the great hall was filled with boy maids on their knees, surrounded by hordes of customers. The gentle buzz of anal vibrators mixed with sloppy slapping of flesh on skin. He tried to slither his way behind the walls of backs without anyone paying enough attention to ask for a drink. He wasn’t in the mood for sex, and tried his best to make eye contact with no-one.

The slave auction was a spectacle. The number of men attending today’s auction was staggering, there was no way aside from closing one’s eyes to avoid scenes of maids getting face-fucked with red, veined dicks. The elite prostitutes of Mars were a commodity in high demand, low in supply, yet each boy was treated like a disposable one-use sextoy rather than a rare gem.

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