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We’ll make your hentai game from scratch to finish, on budget and on schedule. Even if you’re not a professional developer, we’ll provide all the guidance needed to make a commercially viable product.

With publishing, we’ll also assist with that, so you can get a cross-platform release employing only the best industry practices. If that doesn’t sound too good to be true already, we’ll also help you access global markets by localizing your game into up to 13 hentai-loving languages.

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Since late 2023, Hentaicommissions has offered game development and localization. We’ve partnered with several feisty companies and amazingly talented people with the aim of providing an all-out service.

We will create your custom hentai game from scratch to finish for as low as $4000. Drawing from our experiences at Hentaicommissions, we’re tailoring this new service for both pro developers and amateur developers. And with our competitively priced localization teams, you’ll enter multiple markets.

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Neostesia – Aggressive Card Battle Game

If you’ve ever desired to punch somebody in the face, this card battle game gets close. It’s the most visceral cerebral challenge you could hope for. The matches get ultra aggressive in just a few turns, designed to escalate. Set in a dystopian world that was ravaged by nuclear war, the setting is as grim as it gets. The bleak metropolitan city, Neostesia, is one of the final bastions of civilization and it’s so utterly corrupt, everyone is a gang leader. Even the damn mayor is a gangster!

Play Neostesia, or continue reading. My full review is available here.

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Eroge Highlight: The ‘Civilian Justice League’ Series

One of the best Japanese hentai RPGs in the last decade, the Civilian Justice League is a fun and light-hearted porn experience with a variety of imaginative scenarios. Our very picky writer, Rastafoo69, absolutely loved this, alongside the tens of thousands who have played it and posted positive reviews, not to mention the millions who pirated it. The hype is truly out of this world.

The developer has finally realized his own popularity in the west, and official English translations of his titles are popping up on storefronts. The artwork highlighted in this post is from Civilian Justice League 2, where the mech-pilot Haruka fights against the Jakou organization. How sex ties into the eroge? Haruka is somewhat of a celebrity who raises funds for the company she works for. The player has the option of fucking half the town, like a total whore.

Read our reviews. Here are the links:

Civilian Justice League 1. Civilian Justice League 2. Ambassador of Peace DLC.

News: ‘Fertility Clinic’ officially enters polishing stage

The writer I hired earlier this year to handle the writing of Fertility Clinic, which had gotten stuck due to my many duties to the business taxing my time, completed their work. We’re now starting the polishing of the content.