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JAST USA added to support options!

You can now support our comics and game projects by shopping at They’re pretty much the oldest and most respected brand in the western eroge scene. I didn’t even notice how robust and full of releases their store had gotten, while we still had huge tech issues affecting our sites.

Make a new customer account at JAST, your shopping will net us 10% for a full year. You can, for example, purchase Evenicle 2 and we’ll get $3.40. If that sounds too small, you should sign up to Hentai Heroes (50%) or Nutaku (20%) or Erogames (20%). Check out the support options!

Hentai Cooperative LLC: Create Your Custom H-Game!

We make custom order eroge and safe-for-work titles. We have spent years building our list of contacts to have reliable names.

Your budget will be safe, secure, and only paid out for completed, approved work. Our people will trust you and work hard because they trust us. If a developer has to leave the project, we can provide another vetted developer from our list of contacts to quickly resume work.

Each project is done under a legally binding contract. We negotiate the numbers before commitments. You’ll also chat with people in the team, so you can verify that we’re real veterans whose credentials check out.

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PvP Hentai Card Game Review: Neostesia

My official review of Neostesia 2200 is up on Hentaireviews. One the best competitive card games I’ve played since Hearthstone and Magic.

The gameplay of Neostesia is mega excellent. You have a deck of cards and two resource systems. Each turn you gain 3 money, which can be increased by placing units next to a bank. There are 4 banks total, 2 on your side and 2 on the enemy’s side of the map. Each bank nets you 1 additional money each turn, if you have a connect nearby to loot the bank! Once you’ve completed your desired moves, you pass the turn to your opponent…

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Our First Commercial Game Release Soon?

Believe it or not, we’re releasing our first commercial game this year after dabbling in the development of several titles since 2015. This point-and-click adventure is a simple download title, where you’re trying to summon five sexy girls. There’s a dark mystery surrounding these girls that you unravel on your travels in ancient, forgotten Japanese ruins.

These temple grounds are littered with scrolls and items that hint at something horrible having happened here. The seemingly tranquil forest is riddled with paths that take you to places history books hold no records of. You can place your trust in the words of the girls, or… first-person accounts.

Release date should be in Autumn, but we’re expanding the content right now, because making it has been so much fun.