13.10.2023 – Mushoku Tensei – Aisha Greyrat

Aisha Greyrat from Mushoku Tensei just looking spanking sexy.

7.10.2023 – Sleeping Beauty – Flora (SFW)

The redhead fairy from the original Sleeping Beauty fairytale.

14.9.2023 – One Piece BDSM Hentai – Boa Hancock

Tamale and Paulecchi both drew a BDSM concept with Boa Hancock from One Piece. This will be a first test of our new publishing model. The size of these is only 1600px height, but you can get 3000px hi-res versions at a designated crowdfunding platform listed at otakusexart.com/support… We won’t directly link to our chosen crowdfunding platform in posts, because if we’re banned like 3+ years later, the blog would be littered with dead links.

NEW! Scooby-Doo & the Secret of the Necronomicunt

naked girl comic cover parody humor comedy

What would an adult, naughty Scooby Doo series would look like if they didn’t race swapped everyone, had a fixation over Fred “white tiny dong” and were preachy as heck? Also, what does Velma’s cooter looks like? This is what “Scooby & the Secret of the Necronomicunt” tries to answer. Thoroughly.

Comic: Scooby-Doo & the Secret of the Necronomicunt

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Gwen Stacy’s Amazing Footjob #2 – Art Only

Gwen finds Miles fantasizing about her. Shenanigans ensues. View comic.

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