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We’ll make your hentai game from scratch to finish, on budget and on schedule. Even if you’re not a professional developer, we’ll provide all the guidance needed to make a commercially viable product.

With publishing, we’ll also assist with that, so you can get a cross-platform release employing only the best industry practices. If that doesn’t sound too good to be true already, we’ll also help you access global markets by localizing your game into up to 13 hentai-loving languages.

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Since late 2023, Hentaicommissions has offered game development and localization. We’ve partnered with several feisty companies and amazingly talented people with the aim of providing an all-out service.

We will create your custom hentai game from scratch to finish for as low as $4000. Drawing from our experiences at Hentaicommissions, we’re tailoring this new service for both pro developers and amateur developers. And with our competitively priced localization teams, you’ll enter multiple markets.

Our company is registered in Michigan with the name Hentai Cooperative LLC. Find more information onĀ

New Point-and-Click Adventure from Studio Danza

Point-and-click adventures pretty much died as a genre in the past decade. Despite amazing first entries into the genre that inspired many developers, like Castle Shadowgate, games of this type always suffered from a few issues. We’re tackling a few of those issues by designing a short and sweet experience. For a larger game, a map system will be necessary.

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Our First Commercial Game Release Soon?

Believe it or not, we’re releasing our first commercial game this year after dabbling in the development of several titles since 2015. This point-and-click adventure is a simple download title, where you’re trying to summon five sexy girls. There’s a dark mystery surrounding these girls that you unravel on your travels in ancient, forgotten Japanese ruins.

These temple grounds are littered with scrolls and items that hint at something horrible having happened here. The seemingly tranquil forest is riddled with paths that take you to places history books hold no records of. You can place your trust in the words of the girls, or… first-person accounts.

Release date should be in Autumn, but we’re expanding the content right now, because making it has been so much fun.

Game Dev Update: 1001 Arabian Nights – New Build

Hey there. We just posted a new build for our game. Been one fucking rocky development process, but it’s getting somewhere, maybe. We basically enjoyed the Princess Trainer a lot and wanted to make something cooler and more complex, and that was a mistake. We haven’t picked our battles at all. This development is at war on all fronts. We’re working to adjust our philosophy and finally cut some corners, to let us deliver some quality content.

We wanted to make something of high quality, but that’s added tons of complexity. And making things more complex means dealing with novel challenges without clear solutions, which we have to iterate on ourselves. Regardless, have a look what we’ve made thus far.

It’s a point-and-click adventure set in Disney’s Aladdin universe.

Play-test the latest build! Download this on Patreon.