Comics: Slave Boys of Mars 4

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More gay sex art coming as well!

We’re collaborating with Claymore on some spanking-hot homoerotic art. His talents show best when he’s drawing sexy guys. While the blog will remain a bastion of mostly straight content, there will be an increase in gay art! We’ve always dabbled in LGBT media, so this isn’t a change in direction. Hope you enjoy. Follow Claymore’s new Twitter here.

11.11.2022 – Slave Boys of Mars: Basic Bukkake Night

Molly got booked for a blowbang and had to service dicks, or die trying.

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Ass Destruction Comic: Slave Boys of Mars 3

Sally was rented into a private orgy. They gave his puny boy pussy no mercy.

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28.6.2021 – Sexual Harassment Lesbians