Yuri Hentai Game Review: Sakura Sweetheart

Sakura Sweetheart, a hentai visual novel game. Published and released by Winged Cloud on February 2019. For PC Windows.

Marron is a clumsy girl who dreams of becoming a pastry chef, just like her parents. Unfortunately, she didn’t inherit their talent in the kitchen. Her new instructor is very strict – and sexy! Can Marron become a professional chef under her instructor’s guidance?

Sakura Sweetheart has two beautifully cute girls as its protagonists. Each character has a distinctively unique look and personality. Zakuro is an unfeeling, robotic instructor. Marron’s love defrosts this ice-queen, and Zakuro learns to open up to Marron. She evolves into a perverted sex maniac, determined to be the dom in the relationship.

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