Hentai Comic: My Life With You

A submissive shared wife recounts events from her creampie-filled life with her kinky husband. Dedicated to my little porn princess.

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Why You Should Get Married

Women at their peak fertility, from their teenage years up to their thirties, are cock-hungry fuck machines. Women have a biological imperative for breeding, which makes marriage the most optimal relationship arrangement for young women. Why? Because in a heterosexual monogamous relationship, partners can opt out of condoms. The best sex is sex without a condom, that ends in an internal creampie – girls love creampies.

The problem is, modern women are told to seek out casual sexual relations instead of settling down with a good man. Not only does this lead to women missing out on the best sex of their lives, it’s also highly dangerous.

Sex is never without risk. Sexually transmitted diseases are easy to contract and life-destroying when you contract them. Many STDs destroy your fertility, not only because they actually destroy the physical ability to reproduce, but because people won’t have sex with you anymore. An STD is a big deterrent for prospective sexual partners.

For women, casual sex always poses a risk of rape. Men are physically much stronger than women, and can overpower you with ease. If you’re a girl that likes to hoop up with strangers, your luck will eventually turn on you.

Women with kinky husbands enjoy the best sex lives of any women. Kinky husbands take the time to study female sexuality, and the best ways to pleasure their partner. If the girl wants a threesome, or perhaps even a gangbang, a husband can assist her in finding safe men for the event. In fact, some kinky couples have made group sex into their lifestyle.

Marriage has always been the absolute best arrangement for men and women. You can safely explore your sexuality with a loving partner you’ve picked based on your own standards. You have double the resources, because you have two people bringing income to the household. If the woman accidentally gets pregnant from all the sex you’re having, she has a safe environment to birth the kid and raise it with her husband’s support.