My Hero Cuckademia Chapter 2 Coming Soon

Deku’s problems with premature ejaculation lead to the young couple making arrangements that satisfy both of them sexually and emotionally. Deku will get to eat Mina’s pussy after she’s had sex, while Deku is not restricted from playing with other women. His established relations with Midnight and Momo will continue in their sexual forms.

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My Hero Cuckademia Backstory: Tragedy of Class 1-A

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Not much is left of class 1-A after the horrific events of a class trip gone wrong. Deku’s mother, and Bakugo’s mother, and many students in the class were killed. Most of the bodies of the deceased were never uncovered. Having experienced the shortness and fragility of mortal life, the remaining girls and guys of class 1-A are psychologically broken nihilistic hedonists.

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Cuckolding Hentai Comic: My Hero Cuckademia

Deku falls in love with the seductive cuckoldress Mina Ashido.

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6.11.2021 – New Project: My Hero Cuckademia

Class 1-A were on a summer vacation on the beach, when Deku finally worked up the courage to confess his feelings to Ochaco Uraraka. With sad pitying eyes, she rejected him with the words “I wish you’d confessed sooner, because I have a boyfriend now… I hope you find someone. I have to go”.

Deku watched in agony as Ochaco wobbled away. Her butt and tits had grown massive this past year. She was an adult now, her pussy aching for men to fill her. After catching his breath, he ran desperately after her, with no plan whatsover. He heard her voice behind some rocks and peeked behind them…

With her tongue hanging out indecently, Ochaco was taking a big fat cock in her hungry pussy. With experienced movements, she grinded her hips against the meaty rod pumping her sloppy fuckhole, turning it into a cum-soaked mess. The musky smell of sperm, pussy, and sweat lingered thickly in the air. He was cumming in her cunt, and her lower body was drinking every drop of it.

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